Can’t comprehend why you’d ride a fixie on a courier job.


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I’ve been a big fan of the PostMates Get It Now delivery service ever since it was launched more than a month ago, and use it every couple of weeks to order lunch whenever I’m feeling particularly lazy, when I’m jonesing for some food that’s not within walking distance, or when I have a limited amount of time in between meetings. I’ve got much love for the PostMates couriers who bring me things that I wouldn’t have gone out and gotten for myself. And so, when they asked if I wanted to spend an afternoon as a courier myself, of course I jumped at the opportunity.

Which is how it came to pass that one Friday, I spent about 3.5 hours biking around, picking up mostly lunch orders and delivering to various startups and tech-savvy customers in downtown San Francisco.

So what was it like? Well let…

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