OK Glass, RIP Privacy: The Democratization Of Surveillance

An interesting thought on surveillance: if you can’t beat um, join um.
It is really pragmatic-if not ideal. The truth is that we have for surrendered our privacy for a thousand digital conveniences. The way things work, is inherently against privacy. It ought not be, there is no reason we cannot change it. But in the interim, and at the least, lets at least let the people shine the same light on the state that it would shine on us. If it wishes to hold the maxim that so long as we’ve nothing to hide we’ve nothing to fear; perhaps we can begin by examining it. In doing so, I am certain, we would quickly reclaim our privacy because we would finally understand how little of it we have. If the Boston Bombing reveals anything, and I think it reveals a whole lot, it shows just how much the government already knows about you and how easily it can watch you. It is a travesty that we cannot with any similar acuteness observe the goings on of our own and purportedly representative government.


How’s this for synchronicity: Google Glass started shipping on the same week that CISPA passed the House, 3DRobotics unveiled their new site, and 4chan and Reddit pored over surveillance photos trying to crowdsource the identity of the Boston bombers.

Cameras on phones. Cameras on drones. Cameras on glasses. Cameras atop stores, in ATMs, on the street, on lapels, up high in the sky. Modern cars log detailed data their manufacturers can access if they so desire. Oh, and “if you carry a phone, your location is being recorded every minute of every day.”

In 1999, Sun CEO Scott McNealy said: “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” Sadly, that sounds more prophetic every week.

I’ve been arguing for years that “Soon enough, pseudonymity and anonymity will only exist online; in the real world…they’ll be more or less extinct.” The hunt…

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