“Made In America”

Pretty truthful examination of the trendiness of “Made in America”. There are fantastic products made in America, always have been, but Made in America is often little more than a gimmick.


The five-day work week. Chevrolet. Grand Funk Railroad. Steel plants on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is America.

There is a rebirth happening right now. It’s happening all over the country. Pockets of makers here, a consumer electronics company there. A startup accelerator in beautiful Harbor Springs, Mich. They’re appearing all over this land. And it’s all heavily advertised.

“Made in America” is, sadly, in vogue right now. “Imported from Detroit”, “This American buys American.” All bumper sticker catch phrases fueling America’s greatest innovation: capitalism.

And why not? Manufacturing is the brawn that built this land but capitalism is the beating heart.

Capitalism drives this country. And it drove companies out, too. Labor is cheaper elsewhere. Tim Cook’s supply chain management became the norm. Profit and loss statements trended towards “build it somewhere else.”

“Made in China”. It’s stamped on the bottom of my coffee mug. On the…

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